YOU DO IT AUTO is a Do It Yourself Workshop with equipment (as far as is reasonably possible) supplied in the price.

Please make sure you read and accept these terms and conditions before renting our workshop, we’ve started with a summary of the most important points, if your happy with these then please read on.

Definitions:    a) Hirer – The person who rents from You Do It Auto.    b) The owner – You Do It Auto.

1) All hirers must be 18 or over, we may ask for proof of age.

2) The hire charge includes use of the workshop hoist and basic tools. The hire charge does not include consumables i.e. oil, grease, fluids, welding, cutting, drilling, folding.

3) On booking we will ask you for the registration/type of vehicle you will be working on and or full payment for the hire period, your hire period is not transferable to another vehicle.

4)  PPE equipment such as safety boots, goggles, ear protection must be worn.

5) In some circumstances, we may ask for ID of the hirer.

6) Waste oils and brake fluid may be left in our collection vessel.

7) You will be required to sign a workshop condition report to verify the condition of the workshop and its contents.

8) We reserve the right to refuse to rent to any persons for any reason and we reserve the right to terminate the hire period at any time.

Persons entitled to hire:

Any person, who is over the age of 18 years, whom we feel is fit and competent to safely use our workshop/equipment and You Do It Auto have the absolute discretion to refuse hire to any person.

1) The hirer must hold a full driving licence for the car they want to work on.

2) The vehicle to be worked on must be registered and insured, or by special arrangement with You  Do It Auto.

3) The hirer must declare any mental or physical conditions or infirmity and or if the hirer suffers from  fits, diabetes or any heart complaint.

4) If the hirer is in breach of any of the terms of this section and as a consequence of that or any other default on the part of the hirer the owner’s insurers refuse to indemnify in respect of any event during the hire period, then the hirer will be fully responsible for damages and losses resulting from that event.

Customer Responsibilities:

1) Follow the instructions on signs in the workshop. Read the fire extinguisher instructions before performing any work for my own safety and for the safety of others in general.

2) No alcoholic consumption or smoking on the premises.

3) Keep the workplace clean, avoid spills of any kind. Do not leave tools, equipment and parts lying around where they could become a hazard to others or become damaged.

4) Check the tool box inventory and report broken or missing tools before doing any work.

5) Use dedicated disposal containers for any hazmat material.

6) Handle all tools, shop equipment and machines with care, do not abuse.

7) Have sufficient knowledge and experience of all tools, shop equipment and machines you intend to use, otherwise don’t use them, you could be at risk of injury to yourself and or others.

8) Agree to be video recorded for safety and insurance reasons.

9) Wear safety gear, i.e. goggles, safety boots, ear plugs and work gloves for all work performed.

10) Don’t wear jewellery, open toed shoes or loose clothing while performing your work, they could cause additional risk i.e. welding, drilling etc.

11) Only enter the workshop with insured cars and licensed drivers (non-drivers excluded)

12) Have one additional helper at the most while performing any work, customer responsibilities and liability release has to be signed by helper as well.

13) ONLY You Do It Auto staff are allowed to move vehicles into or out of the workshop. Customers may NOT drive any vehicle into/out or within the Facility. ONLY You Do It Auto staff are          allowed to place vehicles onto hoists and remove them. Customers are not permitted to re-position the hoist lift arms once the vehicle has been placed on.

14) Hoists will be locked out (Isolated) once the selected height is obtained.

Booking Deposit / Abandoned Cars / Bond / Stolen Tools:

  1. New member bookings will be asked to provide a non refundable deposit/credit card payment against the hire period. 
  2. New members booked in on trust and don’t show up will be charged 25% more on the next visit.  
  3. ABANDONED PROJECT CARS will be sold after 3 months to recover our storage costs.
  4. A $50 BOND will be charged against the safe clean return of the workshop, contents and tools.
  5. Any person known to have taken tools from YDIA will be permanently banned.

Care of Work Shop and Yourself:

The hirer is responsible for his or her work area, contents and equipment.

The Workshop must be left in a clean and tidy state. Missing tools will be charged to your invoice. Tools must be returned clean or a $5.00 cleaning fee will be applied to your invoice. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. An automotive shop is a dynamic and potentially dangerous place. If you need help, ask for it!

Follow all staff instructions. Hoists can only be operated by You Do It Auto Staff. (Hoist lock outs apply)

Hire Periods:

Open 7 days, 9am or subject to special arrangement, whole day rate equals 8 hours.

  1. FREE STORAGE for PROJECT CARS & BIKES Terms & Conditions as follows:
  • Stored vehicles must be worked on a minimum of 6 hours per week, this will be charged regardless.
  • Hoist hire for project cars will be charged at $45 per hour.
  • Floor space hire for project cars will be charged at $15 per hour.

2. Insurance:

  • Vehicle insurance is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • We recommend continuing your insurance while in storage.
  • Please check your policy with your insurer.
  • For classic vehicles most specialist insurers offer “Laid Up” cover at a reduced rate.

3. Mechanic & associated costs example only:

  • Mechanics Hourly Rate $75.
  • Hoist Hire Hourly Rate $45.

Total Cost = $120 Per Hour.

Work Shop Condition:

The hirer will be required (in conjunction with the owner) to complete and sign a workshop condition report confirming the condition of the workshop, equipment and contents prior to entering the workshop. The hirer will be liable for the cost of repairing any damage incurred during the hire period, this includes damage to any part of the workshop, its contents or equipment.

Limits as to use:

You Do It Auto is to be used for washing, detailing and repair of motor vehicles. The hirer can have a nominated helper or assistant for the hire period. A second helper may be permitted with the permission of You Do It Auto. Meetings and social gathering of friends are only by prior arrangement. The workshop is not to be used for spraying of paint or under seal, if you can weld it will be permitted only after proving so, or by a competent welder of your own and only in our designated welding area.

Choice of hoist:

If You Do It Auto is unable to supply the hoist originally requested by the hirer, because of problems beyond our control, then You Do It Auto will inform the hirer and offer either an alternative hoist for the same hire period, an alternative date for the hire, or a refund.

Computer and Wifi:

The hirer has access to our computer free of charge to allow you to search YouTube for the information you may need to help with your project. The computer is not to be used for any other purpose.

Materials Supplied To The Hirer:

Keys, security locks, maps, tools or other materials or equipment belonging to You Do It Auto and supplied to the hirer remain the property of You Do It Auto and must be returned at the end of the hire period. If any items are missing or damaged at the end of the hire period then the costs of replacing or repairing those items will be charged to the hirer.

Personal Effects:

You Do It Auto is not responsible for any loss or damage to the hirer’s personal effects.

(please look after your belongings) You Do It Auto have no liability whatsoever for any vehicle or personal property left at the You Do It Auto premises. (care for your vehicle) see insurance

Smoking, pets and children:

No SMOKING at You Do It Auto. (outside or inside) No animals. No person under 18 years.

Acceptance and Completion of Contract:

When You Do It Auto accept a booking for the hire of the Workshop whether in writing, by phone or other means the hirer agrees that he has first seen these terms and conditions and that he is bound by them.

You Do It Auto reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time. The Hirer can obtain the latest terms and conditions from


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